Snack Chips

Snack Chips Lunch ham 150 g, boiled potatoes 150 g, salad vegetables.

Snack Chips 200 g, fried mush to 150 g.

Dinner carrot juice 1 cup.

Fourth week Monday Breakfast salad with honey, nuts and boiled egg, coffee with milk.

Dinner boiled rice 100 g, fried meat 150 g, salad vegetables.

Snack cottage cheese 200g, milk 1 cup.

Dinner boiled potatoes 150 g, boiled meat 100 g, vegetables 300 g.

Tuesday Breakfast cottage cheese 150 g, tea with sugar.

Dinner boiled meat 150 g, boiled potatoes 130 g, yogurt 1 cup.

Snack omelet with vegetables, yogurt 1 cup.

Dinner casserole of cauliflower, apple juice 1 cup.

Wednesday Breakfast raw vegetables 300 g.

. . . . . .

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Dessert. Some

Dessert. Some Garnish should include fiber, but because you can eat all kinds of vegetables from tomatoes to eggplants, as French beans, cauliflower, etc.

You can eat cheese, but no bread.


Some sweet desserts can be at cook for sugar substitutes: sweet dessert vzbi tyh eggs and milk, whipped cream or beaten egg whites.


In the first phase should eliminate all alcohol alcoholic beverages, including wine.

Drink water, tea herbal better.

Aperitifs banned, you can replace them with a glass of tomato juice.

Dinner Option Proteinlipid with a small amount stvom fiber fiber: Dinner may be the same as lunch.

. . . . .

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Ten years

Ten years Ten years ago, Dr.

Walter Willett of Harvard University, wrote: According to the most conservative estimates, about 30,000 people die each year in United States due to the transfatty acids which contain partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Professor Barry Popken University of North Carolina explained in one radio program: The molecule transfatty acid affects us, contributing to the emergence cardiovascular disease and cancer.

It is much more dangerous than, say, enriched fat.

Recently, the National Academy of Sciences together with the Institute of Medicine stated that we should consume as little as possible so fat, but it is better to do without it.

Professor David Katz of Yale University called trans fats undoubted pests to human health, to consume that does not necessarily.

. . . . . .

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2nd dinner

2nd dinner one day 1st breakfast protein steam omelet, oatmeal with milk, tea with milk.

2nd breakfast fresh grated carrots, boiled chicken, broth hips.

Lunch rice milk soup, stew, vegetable stew tion, fruit mousse.

Snack a decoction of wheat bran and sugar, cake and jam.

1st dinner boiled fish in milk sauce, potato puree of portfolio, fresh salad of beets, tea with milk.

2nd dinner boiled milk 1 cup, biscuits.

At night boiled milk 1 cup.

During the day, a sugar 30 g, fruits 350 g.

Number 2 Indications for use: for chronic gastritis with reduced acidity.

Diet to normalize the secretory function of the stomach tion, increase bile flow, suppression of fermentation processes in the gut.

. . . . . .

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Danger sion

Danger sion It is with slag body can not Handbook on Non curl itself.

Few people know that it is slagging organic ism the material cause of all diseases.

Substance formation slag binders appear in the body either because of external or internal causes in the process of metabolism.

Such a pro natural process of waste and of itself is not dangerous.

Danger sion occurs when waste is no go excuse Kalam drill.

And this is only our fault.

If we accept the idea of the Creator, we acknowledge His HN laws, including those which should work and our bodies ism.

. . . . . .

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